Zufarov - Musician & Singer.
Plays Tanbur, Sato

        Musician and singer Abror Zufarov born in Toshkent in the femile musicians.
His grandfathers Usmon Zufarov was master making musician instruments and Turgun Alimatov great musician Uzbek instruments Tanbur, Sato and Dutor.
        After school 1989 year He continue his study in the Conservatory in the class Turgun Alimatov.
1996 year He finished studing and started teaching in the Conservatory.
        In 1997 He was winner in the competition of musicians Tanbur, Dutor, Nay players in Bukhara "Asrlar navosi" (Melodies of centuries). He traveled and gave concerts 2004, 2005 years in Netherlands, 2005 year in France.
        In his repertoir has music and songs from parts Shashmakom and in a big quantity from the Uzbek classical traditional music and songs.
        He employment with restoration disappearing a condition a sound lines and to use forgotten register of sound to play of music. And also He employment in sacred religious music.

Turgun Alimatov & Abror Zufarov
Chorgoh - national music. In sato.
Tanbur Nolasi - music of Turgun Alimatov
Sarahbori Dugoh V-Taronasi - from Shashmaqom
Chorzarb - national song


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