In recent years we have witnessed an active interest towards classical Oriental music art in the whole world. Makom is a phenomenon of the spiritual culture of Central Asia; however its significance goes for beyond the limits of the region. From the philosophical point of view, makoms are a musical reflection of the objective reality, expressed through symbols and notions of a high aesthetic order through pursuit of harmony of Infinity. Although we marvel at beauty and manysidedness of the instrumental part, it is still the vocal that forms the bases of makoms.
        Life and creative activity of the wonderful singer of makoms - Berta Davidova is closely intertwined with the history of development of traditional musical arts of Uzbekistan. Despite the fact that her professional biography has always been closely linked to the history of the formation makomists' first ensemble, it is from/with her name that the popularity of female solo makom performance begins. Female vocal parts were an innovation seen as deviation from traditions in the practice of performance of makoms.         

        Berta Davidova was born in 1922 in Margilan in a family which loved music and supported musical talents of the girl. In 1935-1938 she studied at Tashkent Medical Vocational School. During the Second World War she worked as a nurse at Tashkent military hospital, where she sang for wounded soldiers, patients of the hospital.
         Berta Davidova's career as a singer began in 1943, when she started to work as a soloist of the chorus of the State Radio Committee, and then as a soloist of "Makom" ensemble under the leadership of Yunus Rajabiy. She became renowned as early as in 1946 after she had performed classical folk song "Munojat" during the live broadcast on Uzbek radio.
         In 60s of XX century, over period of work in "Makom" ensemble, where her talent and remarkable musical gifts showed up best, she quickly became well-known and occupied a well-deserved place among outstanding artists of the country and beyond. Spiritually elevated poetics of the invaluable asset of the national and world culture "Shashmakom", which has formerly been considered as elitist, palatial music, became accessible to general public and acquired popularity to a large extent due to high performing mastery of Berta Davidova and her self-sacrificing serving the cause of art. Makoms formed the basis of her repertoire. In makom's history there were many bright performers, but the performance manner of Berta Davidova rendered makoms with new inimitable sounding amidst established traditions. Makom pieces when performed by her were steeped in deep sensations, disclosing not only the deep philosophic meaning of Oriental poetry, but also richness of her own soul.
         Possessing her phenomenal musical abilities and faculty of coordinating breath and voice, which was remarkable due to unique strength and beautiful tone, enabled her to perform unrivaled Å•udjes - plangent wide-range culminations of vocal parts.
         Apart from makoms, Berta Davidova performed classic songs, such as "Munojat", "Figon", "Sarakhbori Oromijon", "Samarkand ushogi", " Dugokh", "Bayot-1", etc.
         Both makoms and sing repertoire of the singer Is included In the "Golden Stock" of Uzbek radio. Due to outstanding talent of Berta Davidova, a large variety of pieces of Oriental musical art has been included in the world treasury of musical masterpieces. A part of these is included in the present collection.

SHASHMAQOM dan MAQOM yo`llaridan * Bastakorlar ijodidan *
Ufori uzzol (Buzruk maqomidan)
Navro'zi sabo talqinchasi (Rost maqomidan)
Ufori ushshoq (Rost maqomidan)
Savti ushshoq uforisi (Rost maqomidan)
Talqini bayot (Navo maqomidan)
Nasri Bayot Taronasi (Navo maqomidan)
Orazi navo (Navo maqomidan)
Chapandozi savti navo (Navo maqomidan)
Qashqarchai savti navo - (Navo maqomidan)
Ufori savti navo (Navo maqomidan)
Mo`g`ilchai dugoh (Dugoh maqomidan)
Saraxbori oromijon (Dugoh maqomidan)
Oromijon (Dugoh maqomidan)
Dugoh Husayniy
Samarqand ushshog'i
Qalandari chapandozi
Munojat (2-xil uslubda)
Fig'on ("Adashganman")
Ne navo soz aylagay
Chaman ichra
Tanovar 2
Qalbim ola ketding
Tamosho qilib
Tasadduqqinang ketay
Xayolim senda
Bog' aro
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