The Book MAQOMLAR (Makoms) by Ishoq Rajabov was published in 2006 under the joint project of UNESCO and fund Japan the Trance on preservation of classical music Shashmakom of the Central Asia. This research monograph covers a history of eastern classical Makoms, which were preserved and reached our days as “Shashmakom”(meaning six Makoms), Khorezm makoms and Fergana-Tashkent makoms. It also studies problems of theory and data on performing of above mentioned makoms.
         The monograph consists of the Introduction, two parts and the small conclusion.
         The first part provides information about great Oriental thinkers (Abu Nasr Farobiy, Abu Ali Ibn Sina (known in the West as Avicenna), Mahmud Sheroziy, Urmaviy, and etc.) as well as about their musical treatises, about bastakors (meaning in Uzbek composer), about system of 12 makoms.
         The second part of the book studies in detail Shashmakom, its parts, Khorezm makoms and Fergana-Tashkent makoms. This research monograph is aimed mainly at musicologists, musical critics, teachers and students of special musical educational institutions, as well as amateurs of classical music.


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