"... the Uzbek folk ensemble Mashriq's eloquent meditations and innovative post-rock experimentation from groups like he Books, Clogs and Dälek." more

         Group MASHRIQ (ORIENT) has been founded in 2002 under manual Husniddin Atoev. He has consulted and invited the group very talented musicians which played with them before in other music ensembles.
The musicians of MASHRIQ plays almost all of the Uzbek traditional musical instruments: doyra, tanbur, dutor, sato, ud, rubob, qayroq, surnay, qo'shnay, chang, kanun, gijjak, chang-qobuz .
Usually it frequently meet singing the best musicians. But all three singers from musicians MASHRIQ also are very best singers . Their repertoire contains most genres of Uzbek music and song, from Shashmakam , Fergana-Tashkent maqams and national songs, Bukharian classic and folk melodies, Khorezm classical and folk melodies…
They have collaborated with musicians from USA, India, Korea and other countries of world.
         In 2006 group have released CD album. It was not for sale, it was only for admirers Uzbek Classic Music.




Director & musician. Plays Ud,  Rubob, Qayroq, Changqabuz.
 He gave concerts in USA at 2006  with American musicians.


 Musician & singer. Plays Surnay,  Qo`shnay, Dutor.
 He toured and gave concerts in  India-2001,Taivan 2001, USA-2005,  South Korea 2006.


 Plays Chang and Kanun.



 Musician & singer.
 Plays Dutor, Tanbur, Sato, Gijjak.


 Singer & musician.
 Plays Dutor, Doyra

CD from MASHRIQ - 2006 (Not for sale)
1. O`zbek valsi - 4.43, 2.Bo`lmish (song) - 5.32, 3. Dilxiroj - 2.38, 4.Khurram - 4.26, 5. Subhi yanglig` (song) - 3.49, 6. Vatan marshi - 2.14, 7.Lazgi - 3.46,
8. Bukhorcha (song) - 6.35, 9.Ko`histon - 2.28

Taiwan 2002

USA 2006


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